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Penthouses starting at $3,000,000!

Investors around the world are asking why should they invest in Dubai. The answer is very interesting:

1. There are no real estate taxes! This means when you buy, own, and sell, you never pay any taxes on the home, they are non-existent!

2. Get in early in the development of the city! Dubai is considered a city of the future and we have the chance of investing now before prices increase.

3. Builders in Dubai are GUARANTEEING a profit of 7%+ depending on the location and type of property. 

​4. No interest rates! Forget about the usual mortgages and all the documentation required to get a loan to purchase. In Dubai, you get a payment plan, usually 3-7 years to pay off the property at zero interest.

​5. Invest only using you passport and showing proof of funds! 

6. Invest in Dubai and apply for an investors visa!

7. Let a property manager handle your investment there while you can be anywhere in the world. Nice and simple and receive your monthly profit directly to your bank account. 

8. Have a vacation home in Dubai whenever you want travel there!

Why invest in Dubai?

Apartments starting at just $220,000!

Vilas, townhouses, single family homes starting at $300,000!

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Studios starting at just $116,000!